Simming in farm country ...
Welcome to S.M.S.P
Playing computer simulations is a hobby, and an addiction

... but we do it anyway. ;) On this site I try to provide a little insight into the simulation player's hobby. Flight simulations mostly, but also racing, naval and land combat and even the occasional role-playing game. Just for something different.

This front end is just that, a door-way to the meat and potatoes main course awaiting you in the forums. Well, not that there's a lot in there now, but as time goes on more content will be added.

Speaking of the forums, please note you'll need to register (and be approved) before you'll be able to post. My apologies for the minor inconvenience, but it's just one way to keep the ne'er-do-well malcontents off my site.

June 28, 2011
Added a new blog link; experimenting with phpBB <-> WordPress bridge

May 13, 2009
Experimenting with a new forum portal.

January 18, 2009
Added this new front-end to the S.M.S.P. site